maynooth - on rock wall chomp

IA students in Maynooth, Ireland during a pre-enrollment study abroad trip.

Pre-Enrollment is the time between receiving admission to Innovation Academy and officially starting classes in your first spring semester. Students can use this pre-enrollment fall to engage in various activities or begin coursework at UF online through Fall Connection courses (see below). Some students choose to move to Gainesville during this pre-enrollment fall and begin to get acclimated with the campus. Many students opt to remain at home during this extra semester before college as a break. Others choose to pursue opportunities including study abroad, internships, or employment. Pre-Enrollment is really about you and your own goals. Check out our “Where in the World is IA?” page to see what current students have been doing during their fall semesters.

Fall Connection Courses

During their pre-enrollment fall semester, IA students can participate in Fall Connection courses. These online courses are specifically designed to be “freshman friendly” and give students a feel for UF coursework. Taking a minimum of 6 credits in the fall will give students access to campus services like athletic events, student recreation centers, the career resource center, and more. Fall Connection courses are reviewed and chosen by the Associate Deans in their respective colleges and thus change every year. The next listing will be available during Preview.