Career + Leadership Programs

At the Innovation Academy, we believe that students will become the next generation innovators and develop the future by putting their ideas into practice. IA is committed to providing opportunities that allow students to develop leadership skills that will help them achieve academic success and provide personal and professional development.

Innovation Academy encourages students to understand the value of professional development in preparation for their field. Whether you work for a venture or start one of your own, it is crucial to have an understanding and appreciation for the way companies operate, the political climate, and the employee/client dynamic. This knowledge is beneficial to students of all majors and prepares students for a successful future in the 21-century economy.

IA hosts several events, programs, and speakers in addition to leadership opportunities that help expose students to a variety of professional experiences, career development opportunities, workshops, and the chance to hear from top minds in many fields, including entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. The premise of all these initiatives is to help students be cognizant that their time in college should be used strategically, in order to help launch them into their chosen field. These programs help our students learn from successful players in the industry who share stories from their professional journeys. A culmination of these experiences and acquired skills helps our students become highly sought after candidates, ready for the first day on the job as polished, prepared, professionals who are ready to hit the ground running.