Leadership opportunities

Professional Development

Innovation Academy strives to help our students become strong professionals in their chosen fields. To supplement your in-class learning, we offer a vibrant array of co-curricular opportunities. You can attend programs, help organize events, apply to be an IA Ambassador, and provide feedback on what activities your fellow IA students would like to participate in. We encourage you to invest in yourself and your skill development! Internships, volunteering, and job shadowing are great opportunities that will help demonstrate the expectations of the professional world, and will help you better prepare for your career. Employers of UF recruits speak highly about the academic prowess of their new hires, but wish they could reduce training and transition time for new team members. Reduced training time means a more engaged team, a productive work environment, and more frequent opportunities for job and career growth.

Student Organizations

With close to 1000 registered student organizations at the University of Florida, you are bound to find a connection. We encourage you to spend some time with the team at the Office of Student Activities and Involvement to determine your strengths and interests. Starting your college experience with involvement is key to a successful transition into your university experience. IA students have joined and served in leadership roles in many student organizations such as IALead, Black Student Union, Greek Life, Entrepreneurship Club, and Savant. Active engagement leads to friendships, networking, and a college experience with a purpose. Getting involved also offers a chance to break from classes and give back to UF with your skills, talents, and presence.

Library Proficiency Training 

The Library Proficiency Training program was created by the Innovation Academy in partnership with Missy Clapp, the Assistant University Librarian who serves as our UF Libraries Liaison. The Certificate program is a 3-part series designed to help IA students learn more about UF’s library resources, help students become stronger researchers on campus, and expand knowledge of library tools that can both maximize and simplify the student academic experience.

The 3-part series will include specialized lessons on library research basics, a campus-wide team-based scavenger hunt, and a one-on-one tutorial on the use of a reference-building application for research assignments, RefWorks. Instruction on the appropriate use, amount, and balance of references cited throughout their research will help students produce well-written and appropriately-cited assignments throughout their academic careers. IA students completing this program will also be better-prepared to successfully and more efficiently complete their research assignments or term papers.

UF has a very stringent Academic Honesty Code of Conduct, and we want all IA students to be equipped with the tools to follow all University expectations and policies. UF instructors have specific expectations for the quality of work produced by our University of Florida scholars, and this training program will help our students perform their best, avoid end of term stressors, and may allow them to serve as peer research mentors for others. We encourage you to take part in this Spring semester Certificate program and develop yourself into a more well-rounded and professionally-equipped UF student.