Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ pages are designed to answer general questions IA students may have about the IA program. If students have specific questions that are not answered on the FAQ pages or if you have additional questions, please e-mail the Innovation Academy using our contact us page.

Many answers to university policies and procedural questions can also be found on the Ask UF website. For questions not specific to the Innovation Academy, students should contact respective departments directly. For example, additional housing questions should be directed to the Department of Housing and Residence Education.

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What on-campus housing options are available for new Innovation Academy students?
Will on-campus housing be available for IA students after their first year?
Can IA students live on campus during the fall semester?
When can an IA student purchase a campus parking decal?
Are IA students able to access on-campus resources during the fall semester off?
Can IA students study abroad?
Can IA students study abroad during the spring and summer semesters?
Can IA students join a fraternity/sorority?
Can IA students live in sorority/fraternity chapter houses?
Are Innovation Academy students eligible to participate in the Honors program?
Are Innovation Academy students eligible to participate in the Science for Life program?
Does the UF ROTC program accept IA students?
What are Fall Connection courses?
How many credit hours are required each spring and summer semester?
Can IA students take classes in the fall?
When do Innovation Academy students register for courses?
How can IA students get academic advising when they are not in Gainesville?
What majors are available to IA students?
Are IA students able to change their major?
How are double majors, dual degrees, and combined degrees handled?
What does the IA minor curriculum consist of?
Can IA students pursue other minors and certificates?
Are IA students encouraged to graduate in 4 years (8 semesters)?
Do IA students receive the same diploma as other UF graduates?
What financial aid resources are available to Innovation Academy students?
How will financial aid resources be allocated for Innovation Academy students?
When do IA students need to submit their FAFSA and other financial aid documents?
How does the Florida Prepaid College Plan cover Innovation Academy students?
Can IA students receive Bright Futures during the summer semester?
Will Bright Futures cover the expense of fall courses?
Can IA students use financial aid to study abroad, take courses, or pay for internship credits during the fall semester?


What is the Innovation Academy?
Why did UF develop the Innovation Academy?
How is admission handled?
What is pre-enrollment, and what options do students have during pre-enrollment?
Can a student transfer out of the Innovation Academy into the traditional fall-spring semester enrollment?
What is IA Orientation?
Do IA students register for classes at Orientation?
Is Launch into IA mandatory?
What should students wear to Launch into IA?
What is the Family and Friends Reception that follows Launch into IA?