March 2017: Ashley Aristide

What year are you?



Miami, Florida

High School: 

Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High





What is the one innovation you can’t live without? (ex. Duct Tape)

Google calendar

It is 2 p.m. Saturday. Where are you, and what are you doing?

There’s a 20% chance that I’d be home catching up on my shows (Greys Anatomy, Blackish, and the Blindspot) and an 80% chance that I am in a meeting, event or community service..

What are your goals at UF?

My goal here at the University of Florida is simply to impact the life of at least one person for the better.

What innovative projects are you currently working on or want to work on?

After graduation, I may begin a project that captures my experience as a college graduate living in the new city.

Why did you choose to attend UF IA? How has it enhanced your college experience so far?

My decision to attend the University of Florida in 2013 came well after the May 1 deadline. Deciding the join the IA family allowed me an opportunity to have an extra semester to prepare for college. IA has enhanced my college experience by giving me the competitive advantage of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship making me a more marketable student. 

What are you involved in here on campus? (Clubs, organizations, hobbies, interests)

On campus, I currently serve as President of the Black Student Union and as a Florida Cicerone. My hobbies include occasional visits to the gym and dancing as a member of the F.E.M. Finesse dance team here at UF. I am also a proud Beta class graduate of the Heavener Leadership Challenge and a member of Florida Blue Key.

How have you contributed positively to the Gainesville community?

Through my campus involvement, I have had a chance to connect with people in the Gainesville community through our outreach initiatives. Mainly, I have been able to connect with students at Lincoln Middle School as a tutor during my college career. It is important to not get caught up in our day to day here at UF but to remember that there is an entire community of people (Alachua county specifically) that can benefit from our contributions while here in Gainesville.

What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming IA freshmen?

Be intentional in everything you do both during your tenure here at the University and beyond. Trust the process because everything will end up just as it’s supposed to.

How do you plan to spend your fall semester(s)?

I spent majority of my fall semester enrolled as a full time student here at UF while furthering my work and involvement opportunities.

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