Nicole Stedman, Ph.D.

IA Course: AEC3410 Fostering Innovation Through Leadership

Dr. Stedman is a professor of leadership in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication at the University of Florida. Her PhD is in agricultural education and communication from UF with a specialization in leadership development teaching courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels. She is an active scholar publishing and presenting her work and has partnered for $2.2 million in funded grants. She has teaching awards from the University of Florida (2010, 2013), the American Association for Agricultural Education Southern Region (2013) and as a NACTA Teaching Fellow (2011) and Scholar (2015). She is active in her international work with professional trips to Ireland, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Belize, England, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands. Her current research interests include evaluating teaching and learning practices for their ability to build capacity for critical thinking. Dr. Stedman currently serves as the Chair of the Faculty Senate and Board of Trustee.

UF IFAS Agricultural Education and Communication

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