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What on-campus housing options are available for new Innovation Academy students?

First-year IA students living on campus will be housed together in the IA Living-Learning Community at Simpson Hall. IA students enrolled in first fall connection courses will also be able to live in Simpson Hall during their pre-enrollment semester. After the first year, IA students can stay in Simpson Hall or move into Infinity Hall. Contact the UF Department of Housing and Residence Education for additional information regarding on-campus housing.

Will on-campus housing be available for IA students after their first year?

Yes. Returning IA students may re-contract to live in housing on campus. Students may continue living in Simpson Hall or select another residence hall. For subsequent years (Sophomore year – Senior year), IA students are eligible to live in UF’s Infinity Hall, which is an entrepreneurship-themed residence hall for upper-division UF students, complete with innovative technology, start-up space, 3D printers, and more. Specific housing options and availability are determined by the UF Department of Housing and Residence Education.

Can IA students live on campus during the fall semester?

Incoming IA students are eligible to live on campus during their first fall semester if they are enrolled in online First Fall Connection courses. Subsequent fall semesters, enrolled IA students are eligible to live on campus. Students interested in living on campus should contact the UF Department of Housing and Residence Education as early as possible since housing contracts often fill up quickly.

When can an IA student purchase a campus parking decal?

After an IA student registers for classes, they are eligible to purchase a parking decal. Visit the UF Transportation and Parking Services for more information. 

Are IA students able to access on-campus resources during the fall semester off?

If students are taking courses during the fall (Fall Connection, online courses, IA Internship Program, etc.) and thus are paying student fees, they are typically able to use any and all on-campus resources. Payment of student fees is typically completed when students enroll for at least 6 credit hours. First Fall students are considered non-degree seeking until their first Spring semester, and not eligible for financial aid. Contact Student Financial Affairs with questions related to fees, tuition payments, or status. 

Can IA students participate in varsity sports sponsored by the University Athletic Association?

IA students may join intramural and club sports teams but are not eligible to compete in varsity sports sponsored by the University Athletic Association.

Can IA students study abroad?

Yes! IA students are encouraged to explore the study abroad opportunities available to them during fall semesters. Students interested in studying abroad should visit the UF International Center or the Warrington Undergraduate International Study page.

Can IA students study abroad during the spring and summer semesters?

Students may be able to study abroad during spring and summer semesters if doing so will not delay graduation or hinder their academic progression. Students should meet with an IA Academic Advisor to discuss study abroad options.

Can IA students join a fraternity or sorority?

Students are able to participate in Greek life, depending on their enrollment status and the national chapter requirements of each specific fraternity or sorority. Spring Recruitment is available to enrolled students for most fraternities and some sororities. Pre-enrolled students (those taking Fall Connection courses) may be able to participate in the pre-enrollment fall semester, depending on the number of credits they are taking and the guidelines of specific national chapters. For specific information, students should consult with the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Affairs.

Can IA students live in sorority or fraternity chapter houses?

Students who wish to live in a chapter house should contact Sorority and Fraternity Affairs for requirements and guidelines.

Can IA students access UF RecSports facilities and programs during their first fall while taking First Fall Connection courses?

UF students enrolled in off-book, online, distance education, residency, or other University of Florida academic programs which do not require the payment of Activity & Service Fees are eligible to purchase a UF RecSports membership. Innovation Academy students may purchase Non-fee Paying Student memberships. Please contact UF RecSports directly for further information.