Inaugural Amicon Engagement Program

Published June 2019

Written by Laura Henschel, Communications Coordinator

The inaugural Amicon Management Engagement Program took place at the end of May 2019, connecting interdisciplinary young professionals to the bustling construction and construction management industry of South Florida. Over the three-day trip, students met and mingled with Amicon professionals, toured projects around the city, and got to know the personality of the city of Miami.

On day one of the trip, students arrived at their hotel in downtown Brickell, the bustling financial and luxury center of the city. The group enjoyed a welcome dinner with Amicon leadership at River Oyster Bar, including Amicon Management CEO, Adam Mopsick.

Day two of the experience was dedicated to visiting local businesses and construction projects across the city, including an eight-million-dollar luxury property, the newly-renovated Amicon offices, and BLVD at Lenox shopping district, an active Amicon construction zone.

“My favorite part about the Amicon trip was learning about and looking at all the different projects and how innovation can play a big part in them and the company itself.” – Azariah Howard, IA Sophomore

After the tours, the group visited newly-managed Jungle Island park, and the students had the opportunity to see animal enclosures and hang out with parrots.

“My favorite part about the trip was getting to meet the team behind it all and how they plan on renovating the space. For example, getting the meet the team at Jungle Island and hearing about what they are going to do to the park in the future.” – Nicole Marti, IA Senior

To end the second day, students toured Wynwood Walls, an art-centric development district in downtown Miami.

“Wynwood walls was my favorite visit on the Amicon trip. I love the way Jessica Goldman and her family has invested in a community that wasn't always looked at in a positive view. It's amazing seeing how her company has completely changed the idea of street art into something positive. They have made new profitable products to spread not just throughout the Wynwood community but international.” – Yamani Webster, IA Freshman


Before the group’s departure on the third day, students shopped in the Brickell neighborhood, visited Calle Ocho, watched games at Little Havana’s Domino Park, and enjoyed lunch at Versailles Restaurant before heading back home to Gainesville. 


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