The Innovation Academy (IA) seeks to admit a highly motivated and academically superior incoming class. IA facilitates participation in focused interactions and small group experiences that explore the dimensions of innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership.

Application process

To apply to the Innovation Academy, freshman applicants should indicate interest in the Innovation Academy on their UF undergraduate admissions application. There is an additional short essay on the UF application for students interested in IA. 

The Office of Admissions considers all applicants for the IA admission, Summer B admission and Fall admission. Once their admission decisions are made, the Office of Admissions makes only one offer for the student to accept: IA, Summer B or Fall.

Here is the 2018 Admission Cycle example:

Please visit the Office of Admissions  for more information for students interested in applying to UF, and being part of the Innovation Academy. Prospective students may also benefit from reading through the FAQs.


When to Apply

Even though IA students officially start in the Spring, they still need to complete the UF application on the same schedule as students applying for UF’s standard fall/spring program. Freshman applications for the University of Florida are available online beginning in August and are typically due November 1, although students should check here for an updated timeline. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Decision notifications are released in February for all first-year students. The Office of Admissions website has more information regarding specific dates and application deadlines for freshmen.

Who Should Apply

Students interested in the Innovation Academy should have a strong desire for:

  • Expert and peer collaboration
  • Multidisciplinary learning (Arts, Humanities and Science)
  • Trial & error (rapid prototyping)
  • Creating
  • Strategic risk-taking

Innovation Academy enrolls students in a select group of majors. The majors IA supports are always growing, and as the program grows more will be added over time.

Our program offers a Decision Tool chart to help students make an informed decision on applying to Innovation Academy.