Giving to IA


The UF IA Innovation Fund is a unique opportunity to invest in not only higher education, but also a distinct new way of learning. Your support can fund one of the nation’s most forward-looking undergraduate programs and keep students on a “collision course” with disruptive ideas, problem solving, business acumen, design thinking and innovation.

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Please show your support and pride in the Innovation Academy by participating in one of our funding levels:

Circle of Innovation

Corporate or individual students, parents, alumni and friends of the Innovation Academy who would like to support the Innovation Fund to ensure cutting-edge student learning experiences and impactful support of all IA activities/functions.

Discover Level - $25+

Perceive Level - $250+

Ideate Level - $500+

Give to IA

Director’s Circle

Corporate donors who wish to fund overall student experiences, activities and administrative support and materials throughout the IA program.

Maker Level - $500+

Connector Level - $1,000+

Catalyst Level - $2,500+

Launch Level - $5,000+

Give to IA

Endowment Levels

IA LAUNCH Annual New Innovation Student Convocation - $50,000+

IA CATALYST Innovation Student Prototype Showcase - $500,000+

IA SUMMIT Innovation Medallion Award Ceremony - $100,000+

IA CREATE Innovation Learning Spaces - $250,000+

Give to IA

All donations will appear in the IA Annual Report, and depending on the level there are other recognition opportunities. Support from students, parents, alumni and friends is critical in sustaining our mission. This unrestricted funding helps provide for student experiences, curriculum development and materials, and co-curricular programming costs that move our vision forward in graduating innovators who utilize design thinking to solve global challenges through experimental and creative problem solving.