Student Spotlight: NOAH MACGINNIS

Name: Noah MacGinnis

Year: Junior

City: Inverness, Florida

High School: Citrus High School

Major: Political Science 

Minor: Marketing/Advertising

What is the one innovation you can’t live without?

For someone who loves music I would say it is the ability to record on my phone or laptop. So many people take this for granted. I have heard time and time again "I am just not the musical type" but those same individuals have never tried. Throw a beat you found from youtube onto a track and see if you can write a story over the beat. Thats art. Thats music. Thats theory.  Thats ingenuity. So for me it is that innovation of being able to be your own producer that excites my innovative self but it has also opened up entire platforms like Soundcloud and expanded the market for the consumer.

It is 2 p.m. Saturday. Where are you, and what are you doing?

I am probably traveling to play a bar in North Florida, writing a new song, finding a new melody, or hunting, hiking, and fishing through the beautiful swamps of Florida.

What are your goals at UF?

The obvious goal is before graduation I have to try and cross paths with as many individuals as possible. I made a commitment to myself to challenge my personal biases in order to grow so lets have coffee and chat about something!        

What innovative projects are you currently working on?

My music is always an innovative project. I would love to release a quality EP on Spotify but the process is a network game of who do you know that can compliment your sound the best. I am working on some songs I have written with an IA student so we will see where it goes. I know the time will come though so if I continue to produce songs and stick to a daily schedule of writing any opportunity will be met with a swift execution.

Why did you choose to attend IA? What skills have you gained because of the program?

I wanted to do this whole college game a little different. I wanted to be urged to follow my spirit and happiness and IA has done that by putting an unconventional student in an unconventional program. It has forced me to always be thinking outside of the box and always searching for profitable opportunities.

What are you involved with on campus?

Songwriting Club,  Horticulture, meeting new faces and learning about new stories to incorporate into my songs. I work 25-30 hours at UF Mover Guys, singing, and even at the law school so being involved on campus as much as I would like is tough now that I am approaching my third year (and scholarship money runs out). Working is one of the best classes you can take if you want to learn about what you do not want to do for the rest of your life. I think understanding that pushes you to find things you don't mind doing.

What is one piece of advice you would give to incoming IA freshmen?

You never get a chance to learn like in college. Whether that be through other people, struggle, happiness or maybe a mixture of the three. College is an opportunity to really dig into the crevices of your spirit and figure out what makes you excited and passionate. For me, I realized how I would forget about time passing when putting myself in the cockpit of writing a song, finding the melody, singing the words, and finally delivering it to the people. Paired with loving to hype up a crowd I knew this was something I needed to put some labor and time into to monetize my work. Find a side hustle or a project to work on and take notes of all the lazy tendencies you see in yourself. For me, it was checking my phone while studying and wasting way too much time scrolling through news feeds so I decided to not bring my phone with me when studying. You have to find ways to beat your own desires when those desires come at inconvenient times and replace them with progress.

How do you plan to spend your fall semester(s)?

This past Fall I spent my semester playing around 45-50 shows around Gainesville and North Florida while conducting research as a University Scholar on Hurricane Maria's affects on Florida's high school education programs. This upcoming Fall I plan to take classes and prepare myself to graduate so I can move on up to Tennessee.