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Learning About Yourself as Much as What You Study

By: David DeVore, Innovation Academy Student

My name is David DeVore. I am a senior computer science major in the Innovation Academy here at UF!

Use Your Resources, and Do Not Give Up

By: Monica Schiller, Innovation Academy Student

Monica Schiller (she/her) is currently a senior in the Innovation Academy at the University of Florida. She majors in marketing and has a passion for business, entrepreneurship, technology and beauty.

The Power of Resilience: Finishing What You Started

By: Leonardo Mills, Innovation Academy Student

Leonardo-Francisco Mills-Lara (he/him) is a driven entrepreneur and senior at the UF Innovation Academy. With a passion for business and innovation, Leonardo has founded multiple online ventures while managing a full-time academic schedule.

Choose the Path That Brings You Joy

By: Sydney Mandell, Innovation Academy Student

Sydney Mandell (she/her) is currently a sophomore in the Innovation Academy at the University of Florida. She majors in Psychology and has a passion for business and entrepreneurship. Along with her sister, she co-founded the Florida Sea Turtle Company.

You Are Your Strongest Asset

By: Jaden Nosse, Innovation Academy Student

Jaden Nosse (he/him) is a current sophomore in the Innovation Academy. He is passionate about real estate and entrepreneurship. To decompress and slow down, he enjoys surfing, hiking, camping, and free diving in the springs.

Setbacks—Expect Them, Failures—Redirect Them

By: Amayah Foster, Innovation Academy Student

My name is Amayah Foster (she/her), and I am a second-year marketing major from Daytona Beach. I currently serve as Vice President of the UF Innovation Academy Ambassadors and President of Innovative Maker Society. In my free time, I enjoy learning about natural hair and the versatility that it offers.