The Innovation Minor

The UF Innovation Minor is exclusive to IA students. The Innovation Minor courses are designed to provide a core knowledge base and a skill set to prepare IA students for the 21st century economy.

Through four years of classes on entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership and ethics, Innovation Academy helps students develop an innovative mindset.

The minor in Innovation provides Innovation Academy undergraduates with an overview of the major functional elements of innovation including:

CreativityEntrepreneurshipEthicsLeadershipSenior projects
Classes focus on entrepreneurship and innovation in the marketplace through narratives, case studies and real life applications. Students are required to complete an original prototype that will be exhibited and presented in an exhibition. Through the prototyping process, students learn to identify and define relevant aspects of a design problem.
Courses teach entrepreneurial thought and action that students can utilize in starting technology companies or executing R&D projects in large companies. Students learn skills including process comprehension, creative research skills and business plan preparation.
Courses provide a grounding in ethical theory and practice in careful reasoning about moral issues with a focus on changes and their consequences. Students are able to identify ethical aspects of actual and possible changes that individuals or organizations may bring about and to describe personal, social and environmental conditions that may inhibit responsible moral decision-making.
Students develop the skills and knowledge necessary to move an innovation from creation to implementation. Students practice thinking critically about leadership’s direct application to innovation and change. Courses apply leadership theory to innovation and change to foster leadership skills.
The Innovation Minor requires a senior project for graduation. Students focus on a multidisciplinary implementation of something novel or new. Seniors experience real world application and utilization of entrepreneurial thinking skill sets.
Required CoursesRequirementsCourse Descriptions
IDS1353 – Creativity in Context 2
IDS1359 – Creativity in Action 2
ENT3003 – Principles of Entrepreneurship
EGN 4641- Engineering Entrepreneurship
4 or 3

AEC3410 – Fostering Innovation through Leadership
 GEB3017- Leading Organizations (Pre-requisite: MAN 3025)
EGS4038 Engineering Leadership

4 or 3
PHI3641 – Conduct, Change & Consequences: Making Ethical Decisions (GE-H, WR) GE-H and WR only applied for Spring 2017 and later 3
ENT4015 – The Venture Accelerator
IDS4950 – Innovation Academy Senior Project
  1. All courses must be completed with an overall 2.0 GPA in the minor and a cumulative 2.0 UF GPA.
  2. All courses for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.
  3. All attempts at courses for the minor will be averaged into the minor GPA.
  4. With advanced approval from the Innovation Academy curriculum committee, additional 2000-level and above courses may be substituted for the required courses below.
Creativity in Context
Creativity in Action
Principles of Entrepreneurship
Engineering Entrepreneurship
Fostering Innovation through Leadership
Engineering Leadership
Making Ethical Decisions
The Venture Accelerator
Innovation Academy Senior Project

Visit the Syllabus Archive for a more extensive list of syllabi.