Innovation Academy - University of Florida


Innovation Academy is proud to offer several internship opportunities for students to choose from if they are interested in participating in an internship experience during the fall semesters.


The UF Innovation Academy Local Internship Experience is designed to give IA students opportunities to work on projects with ventures in the greater-Gainesville community during the fall semester. Interdisciplinary student teams undertake projects designed by local for-profit companies and non-profit organizations.

Students will be enrolled in 4 credits of  IDS 4941 and earn a final grade based on their semester report and evaluation surveys completed by the venture partner. The final report will include a detailed explanation of group activities and projects, expected outcomes of internship team activity, and practical experience and strategies learned.

Student Teams will present their projects to a panel of distinguished guests (local community leaders and faculty) at the IA Internship Showcase, held at the beginning of the following spring semester. These guests will judge the projects and select winners.

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Traditional Student Internships

This option allows students and employers the opportunity to independently develop a mutually beneficial internship experience for the fall semester. The most flexible option, a traditional student internship allows students to seek out their own opportunities, whether they may be in Gainesville or beyond.

Students have taken advantage of internships in Orlando, Tampa, Nashville, and more. The IA staff are here to assist students along the way, however this option does  require more legwork on the part of the student in locating and setting up the internship, since IA does not orchestrate these internships.

Traditional internships can either earn course credit or can be no-credit, depending on the individual circumstances. Some internships will advertise college credits, while others may not yet still may be able to accommodate the requirements for individual major internships (speak to your major advisor for guidance on opportunities for internship credit). Students also can elect to pursue non-credit internships of all types for the professional experience.