Catalyst Challenge

Catalyst is our summer showcase that serves as a launching point that inspires students to move their ideas forward beyond the classroom and apply their innovative solutions to the communities they live in even after the course ends. We hold one at the end of Summer A and one at the end of Summer B every year.

IA Students in the Innovation in Action course present their ideas, prototypes, informational posters, and persuasive pitches at Catalyst. The Innovation Academy invites members of the community, family, friends, fellow innovators, and people passionate about innovation to attend.

How Might We

The Innovation Academy’s Summer 2023 Catalyst Challenge began with the question: How might we reach zero waste at the Cox Enterprises campus in Atlanta, GA, by 2024?

Read more about the Innovation Academy and COX Enterprises collaboration.

Catalyst 2024 Dates and Locations

Date: TBD

Location: TBD

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