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Iota Alpha becomes first innovation-focused sorority at UF

The Innovation Academy welcomes the newest pre-professional sorority to UF campus, the Iota Alpha sisterhood. Iota Alpha president and co-founder Norah Sanson is a third-year IA Chemistry and Pre-Health major.

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Director Dr.Jeff Citty welcomes us to Spring 2019 with his top tips for success.

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Innovation Minor coursework gains student assistants to support prototyping

The Innovation Academy continues to improve the curriculum to keep up with the needs of IA students – this upcoming spring semester, the program has hired five students to serve as technical assistants (TAs) for the first class offered in the Innovation minor: IDS 1353 Creativity in Context.

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Student Spotlight Olivia Stultz

IA has some amazing benefits that were too good to pass up. Personally, the perks I have gotten the most from are the Spring/Summer schedule, the IA Ambassador program, and the Innovation minor.

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IA participates in National Arts and Humanities month

"We are at the Plaza of the Americas passing out free stickers made by an IA entrepreneur, 3D-printing free keychains, and making art!"

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