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Watch out New York, here comes Justin!

When I first applied to NBCUniversal, I did not expect to hear back from anyone due to its high volume of applicants. After patiently waiting for two weeks, I was notified that I passed the first round and that I was required to do a video interview to be considered for the next round, so I suited up from the waist up and began answering questions given a certain time limit.

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Inaugural Amicon Engagement Program

The inaugural Amicon Management Engagement Program took place at the end of May 2019, connecting interdisciplinary young professionals to the bustling construction and construction management industry of South Florida.

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Honored and proud, The University of Florida’s Innovation Academy is featured in the book Innovate Tampa Bay Volume 2

Gainesville, FL [June 3, 2019] - Innovation Academy is proud to be among the 180 innovators featured in the release of the new book Innovate Tampa Bay Volume 2. The Innovate Publishing series showcases people, companies, products and services that are leading the race within a city’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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IA Director Dr. Jeff Citty discusses the unique academic calendar year of Innovation Academy students

t the University of Florida (UF), the Innovation Academy (IA) program is providing university students with these skills alongside more access, richer learning opportunities, and innovation-learning experiences.

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Innovation Academy Journalism Major Shares Experience as Former White House Intern

Innovation Academy student Zahra Kahn interned with the White House Internship Program (WHIP) in Fall 2019, becoming the first female IA student to participate in the semester-long program that connects students to hands-on public leadership experience in the White House

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IA student travels to Costa Rica for Spring Break entrepreneurship retreat

Brian Ardavin, Innovation Academy (IA) sophomore psychology student, wanted to spend his spring break differently. 

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Amicon Management Gifts the Innovation Academy Construction Management Engagement Program

The University of Florida Innovation Academy (IA) is proud to announce the Amicon Management Engagement Program, a $50,000 endowment by Adam Mopsick of Amicon Management to support a partnership with UF IA students and the creative, innovative professionals in the construction and construction management fields

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Fund to Honor Dr. Bleweis

Gainesville, FL, February 19, 2019 - Dr. DiMaio has a distinguished career as a cardio-thoracic surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur in the Dallas, TX area. While earning his Bachelor’s degree from the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences in microbiology and cell science, Dr. DiMaio worked closely with professor Dr. Arnold Bleiweis.

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Student Spotlight Norah Sanson

I spend my fall semesters taking classes at a university close to where I live so I am able to advance in my major. This fall I am planning to either explore study abroad options, or stay in Gainesville to continue my research work.

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