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Jerry Declasse
Memorial Scholarship

The Jerry Declasse Memorial scholarship has been established by the Gainesville Area Innovation Network (GAIN) and designed to celebrate the vision and dedication of Innovation Academy Student Jerry Declasse. Jerry was in the 2013 Innovation Academy Inaugural class and was highly engaged in the local start-up community and an enterprising student who inspired others to utilize their time and skills at the University of Florida to their utmost potential.

This $500 scholarship will be awarded annually to deserving student(s) who have demonstrated active professional engagement and have found opportunities to pursue their future goals.

Required Qualifications

  1. Applicant must be a current Innovation Academy student and is on track for the Innovation Minor
  2. Applicant must have completed one academic year at the University of Florida at time of awarding
  3. Applicant must be in good standing [academic and disciplinary] with the University of Florida

Preferred Qualifications

  1. Applicant must show involvement in the local Gainesville startup community
  2. Applicant is a member of a University of Florida Leadership organization
  3. Applicant has participated in the Innovation Academy Fall Internship program
  4. Applicant is pursuing/has launched their own entrepreneurial venture, personal branding or has an active social media presence
  5. Applicant has attended a GAIN meeting and established a network with the partners.
  6. Applicant has participated in the BIG IDEA competition.


  1. Application opens July 17th 2017 – and closes on August 4th 2017
  2. September – IA /GAIN Scholarship selection meeting
  3. October – Scholarship recipient notified
  4. January – Scholarship awarded at Launch by IA and Gain representatives

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