Do you have what it takes to be a Gator Innovator?

Innovation Academy (IA) is a remarkable four-year undergraduate college experience that serves as a training ground for students to better prepare themselves for their career goals. In addition to their major, all Innovation Academy students also pursue a minor in Innovation, offered exclusively through IA at the University of Florida. With courses in creativity, entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership, IA students identify their talents, explore new ways of putting ideas into action, and learn how to apply their strengths effectively. With over 30 different majors available, students can tailor the IA experience to meet their needs and transfer the skills they acquire throughout their coursework into a myriad of career areas.

IA’s unique Spring / Summer academic calendar allows for a free fall semester and the ability to live in a living-learning community with their cohort. The extended break during fall is a prime opportunity to pursue internships in a far less competitive time of the year, seek opportunities for job shadowing and volunteering, participate in a study abroad program, and much more.

IA Gators are focused, enterprising, problem-solvers who are driven by their goals and use their time in college strategically to prepare for their future. Students are encouraged to invest in their professional development through programs, services, and opportunities offered throughout the year.