Newly Admitted Students

Recently admitted to IA and want to learn more about the program? Watch our Discover IA video.

Make sure you review the Freshman Admission Checklist so you are all set for your first semester! 

Students in IA attend UF on a spring or summer calendar. Here’s what you can do during your first fall (before you officially start in the spring):
  1. You can take online classes at UF and live on/off campus:
  2. You can take online classes at UF and live at home:
    • Online Fall Connection Courses
    • Register for these classes at Preview
  3. Study Abroad in Maynooth, Ireland:
  4. You can take courses at another institution/community college: 
    • To enroll at Santa Fe before beginning the Innovation Academy, students must apply to Santa Fe as a new student (not transient).
    • Cannot exceed 11 credits hours
    • You do not need to submit the Florida Shines Application by first fall
    • You must send a copy of final transcript to UF Admissions after final grades post
  5. You can live at home, work and save money, or travel before you officially start in the spring!