Newly Admitted Students

Recently admitted to IA and want to learn more about the program? Watch our Discover IA Video

Students in IA attend UF on a Spring/Summer calendar. Here’s what you can do during your first fall (before you officially start in the spring):
  1. You can take online classes at UF and live on/off campus:
    • Online Fall Connection Courses First_Fall_Connection
      1. Register for these classes at Preview
      2. Live on or off campus
        • On-campus Housing during First Fall: Beaty Towers
        • Submit Housing Application ASAP! (then watch for a housing contract & deposit email!)
        • Off-campus Housing options: Off Campus Housing
    • You can take online classes at UF and live at home:
      • Online Fall Connection Courses
      • Register for these classes at Preview
    • Study Abroad in Maynooth Ireland:
    • You can take courses at another institution/community college:
      • Cannot exceed 11 credits hours
      • You do not need to complete the Florida Shines Application your first fall
      • You must send a copy of final transcript to UF Admissions after final grades post
    • You can live at home, work & save money, or travel before you officially start in the spring!