Transfer Admissions

The UF colleges that participate in the Innovation Academy admit highly qualified transfer students who have completed an Associate in Arts degree at a Florida public community or state college.

Students seeking admission from other universities or out-of-state schools may be considered for admission on a space-available basis. Transfer students are only admitted to Innovation Academy for the Spring semester. Students who transfer to IA will attend UF on Innovation Academy’s Spring/Summer schedule until the completion of their degree program. This allows IA students the Fall semester to seek out opportunities; learn more on the IA in the Fall page.

Sample Minor Plan for Transfers

To see the recommended sequence of courses that transfer students must take in order to complete the Minor in Innovation, check out the Transfer Sample Minor Plan Below is a list of all the minor courses that must be completed by all IA students, including transfers:

IDS1353 – Creativity in Context 2
IDS1359 – Creativity in Action 2
ENT3003 – Principles of Entrepreneurship
EGN 4641- Engineering Entrepreneurship
4 or 3

AEC3410 – Fostering Innovation through Leadership

GEB3017- Leading Organizations (Pre-requisite: MAN 3025)

EGS 4038 Engineering Leadership

3 or 3
PHI3641 – Conduct, Change & Consequences: Making Ethical Decisions 3
ENT4015 – The Venture Accelerator
IDS4950 – Innovation Academy Senior Project
2 or 2