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Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! More details and program requirements can be found on the Honors Program website.

Yes. Visit Science for Life for more information on the program requirements.

Currently, due to curricular requirements of the UF ROTC program which include heavy summer and fall commitments, the UF ROTC program is unable to support the schedule of IA students at this time.

First Fall Connection courses are a collection of several online courses taught by UF during the first fall semester exclusively for incoming Innovation Academy students. At Preview, students have the option to work with an academic advisor to enroll in First Fall Connection courses that are relevant to their academic goals. During the pre-enrollment first fall semester, IA students are considered non-degree-seeking students. More details and the schedule of First Fall Connection courses are available at Preview.

IA students are expected to take at least 12 credit hours (standard full-time enrollment) during the spring and summer semesters of each year of their degree program.

Incoming IA students may enroll in First Fall Connection online courses during their first fall semester. They can take up to 11 credits of these online courses. The recommended number of credits is 3 – 9, to allow for adjustment to the university-level coursework. 

Returning IA students (students who have completed at least one on-campus semester at UF) are eligible to enroll in a larger selection of online courses. The list of IA online courses will be available during advance registration with other UF courses on UF Registrar Schedule of CoursesIA students cannot enroll in on-campus courses during fall semesters. *

* Some exceptions apply.

Incoming IA students register for Fall Connection courses during Preview (the UF Orientation held various dates May – August preceding the first term of enrollment). Incoming IA students have the option to meet with their college advisor at a distance or in person, during early December, to finalize their spring schedules and register for courses. Current IA students work with an academic advisor within their college to register for courses during regular UF advanced registration. Innovation Academy students will be given priority registration for the summer term and subsequent terms after that.

IA students are advised by their major advisors in any matters pertaining to their degree, changing majors, critical tracking, etc. Innovation Academy also has two dedicated academic advisors whom students should see for all matters relating to the IA minor curriculum. IA students may contact their academic advisors by phone or email, for more information visit our IA Advising page.

A list of supported majors can be found on the IA Majors page. Innovation Academy students can choose from any of these majors, in addition to the sub-specialization tracks offered within some degree programs. IA students are limited to participation in specific majors in order to ensure graduation in a timely manner for IA students on the spring-summer schedule.

Students accepted as first-year students are able to change majors within the list of supported IA majors at any time, with the approval of the college into which they are changing. As new majors are added to the list of supported IA majors each year, current students are able to change majors to any majors on the expanded list with the approval of the corresponding college.

Transfer students are accepted to the University of Florida by the particular college and for the particular major they select on their application, so transfer students can not change their majors and must complete their degree program for their chosen major. (This condition applies to all UF transfer students)

IA students are able to pursue double majors, dual degrees, and combined degrees in most instances and should consult with their IA Academic Advisors for more information.

The IA minor curriculum consists of six courses (15-16 credits) centering on Creativity & Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Ethics, and Leadership, followed by a senior project. Students may choose from two different tracks: General Concentration and Artificial Intelligence.

Yes. IA students may pursue additional minors and certificates. A list of additional minors offered to IA students can be found on our Additional Minors page.

Yes, IA students are encouraged to graduate in 8 semesters. Recommended semester-by-semester plans for each supported major are available on the IA Majors page. Engineering majors at UF typically required an additional semester due to the depth and volume of coursework.

Yes. All UF graduates receive the same diploma with the degree, college, and major designated. Minors and specializations do not appear on UF diplomas.